Preserve El Sereno is the story of a community taking action. In June of 2013 neighbors in the area around Eastern Avenue and Lombardy Boulevard received notice of a proposed project nearby. A construction project that would have dramatically changed El Sereno and set a distressing precedent for development in other hillside neighborhoods. They spoke with other neighbors, organized, held private meetings, went door-to-door collecting petition signatures, attending public meetings, passing out fliers, using the Internet and social media to inform the community. All along the way, day-by-day, week-by-week the group grew in size, and the community became more united in their purpose. To preserve the hillsides in their community.

Over time the community gained the attention, respect and support of local and city elected officials. The project was turned away and the developer was sent back to the drawing board. For some, that might be the end of the story. But for the hundreds of members of Preserve El Sereno that was just the start.